Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Abonmai households in Liangmai have a harrowing time with spooky beings

The Imphal Free Press

Newmai News Network

Imphal, Jul 30: Call it some sort of spooky activities taking place or is it ‘black magic’ or still some mischievous people, but one thing is for real - the Abonmai clan in Khunkhu (Ariang) Liangmai village has been facing immense hardships in the last 9 years.

Khunkhu or Ariang Liangmai village is situated some 20 kilometres north of Imphal where there are some 78 households residing in the village.

According to ex-chairman of the village, Abonmai Aphan and the village church pastor, Maisuangamang, some ‘unseen’ spooky elements have been ‘torturing’ the Abonmai clan in the last nine years in the village.

The two village leaders informed NNN that these ‘unseen’ people usually come and play spoilsport to all the nine households of Abonmai clan by inflicting them with all types of torture.

The villagers, however, could definitely describe the nature of these spooky elements.

The villagers said that at times these ‘unseen hands’ come and inject them with blood using syringes while the Abonmais are asleep. The ‘unseen’ elements will leave behind syringes with blood stain.

At times the eggs in pink colour polythene bags will be found hung at the gates or in the fences and whoever among the Abonmai clan sees first, the person will definitely be in trouble in the form of either experiencing severe stomach ache or eye-pain. These villagers claim that often they will find pins/needles poked in the eyes of those Abonmais who have seen the eggs. The villagers also said that the eggs will immediately turn into just empty shells once the person gets affected.

The torment of Abonmais in the Khunkhu village has been going on since the month of February, 2002.

The pastor and the villager elder also narrated that even the ‘unseen’ elements rob-off wealth such as money even from the locked almirahs and trunks and also from the pockets.

Prior to conducting such activities, the Abonmais find letters written in red-ink informing them that on a particular day these ‘unseen’ spooky elements will act on a particular house-hold.

At times the feasting dishes were also been soiled with dustbin stuff just before the Abonmais sit down happily to relish the food prepared.

On one occasion, two Abonmai girls were loitering in the courtyard when they saw a Rs. 500 note came flying in front of them. Just before these two girls picked up the note, the money turned into a strip of medicine. These two girls sensing the trouble burnt the medicine but in split seconds the medicine again turned back to money.

May it be edible oil or kerosene, the nine households of Abonmai cannot store the oil in any container as they get leaked.

These ‘unseen’ elements came sometime in person but masked themselves with cloths to hide their identities.

The ‘unseen’ elements often demand money from the Abonmais ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000.

Till date, these elements have so far collected some hefty Rs 4 to 5 lakhs in these nine long years.

On one instance, Abonmai Wijuanlungbou secured first division in this year’s matriculation examination and the happy student collected a form to get admitted in Manipur Public School but the admission form had been filled up with all unknown scripts and dirtied.

The villagers also narrated that on many occasions their clothes caught fire.

Another nature of haunting the nine households of Abonmai is ripping and tearing off of the books of school children by these spooky elements.

These ‘unseen’ elements often asked the nine Abonmai households whether they will forgive the former or not.

According to these two villagers they wonder whom to forgive and for what reason.