Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Hollywood Insider Reveals…

BREAKING Their FRANTIC Celebrity CODE! Were They All ON HOUSE ARREST? GRETA Shapeshifting Vid!

April 1, 2021

People do not know what is really going on beyond what they see. We know better because we are not intellectually lazy!

I invited another friend to talk about Hollywood. She is an attorney who spent most of her life with special victims and she worked in Hollywood as well. Let’s say, she is an insider to Hollywood. My good friend Dilara Esingil.

Dilara is very passionate about telling the truth. All we are asking for, in this episode, is to keep an open mind.

Shut down your egos - and be open to knowledge.

She perfectly said it. People out there have never been made aware about the stuff we will talk about. It is because when something is so abstract and doesn't fit into your paradigm in reality, it takes a certain person to get you to open your mind and to set your ego aside. Your ego is not your friend when it comes to learning knowledge!

In this episode, we ask you to not block yourself from information because that's what's going to save you is your open mindedness.


You should dig in NOW.

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