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An open book on our origins

Originally, much was known about our origins, but these were destroyed by the dark powers so that we were not allowed to know how, what and where our origins lie. Fortunately, in India, these traditional thoughts have been preserved as ‘Veda’ and passed on from one generation to the next through oral transmission. According to traditional Indian thought, ‘Veda’ is considered a self-evident and authoritative public scripture. However, not compiled by human authors. The word ‘Veda’ means ‘knowledge’ and is derived from the Sanskrit ‘vid’, meaning ‘to know’. It did not originate from a single literary work, but refers to a large body of literature, created over many centuries and handed down from generation to generation.

Destruction of literature from antiquity

Human history is based on loose fragments. Why do we know nothing more about our past and its many found artefacts? Over the centuries, much of the literature and artefacts have been deliberately destroyed to keep the people stupid and asleep.

Little remained after the destruction of the Egyptian library in the temple of Ptah in Memphis. Similarly, 200,000 precious works disappeared when the library of Pergamum in Asia Minor was destroyed. When the Romans razed the city of Carthage to the ground, they destroyed 500,000 books, then came Julius Caesar with his war against Egypt that resulted in the loss of the library in Alexandria that was considered the largest collection of books in antiquity.

Because of these tragedies, we now rely on loose fragments, random passages and meagre records. Our distant past has fallen into a vacuum that is randomly replenished with tablets, parchments, statues, paintings and all sorts of artefacts.

The history of this knowledge would look very different if the book collection of Alexandria still existed today. However, there is one bright spot: thousands of ancient writings have recently been found and secured in the Vatican library. Probably these books contain the missing facts of the past?

The origin of man on Earth is different from what is presented in the literature. Man originated from other planets in the universe. Studies of human DNA prove this claim.

Thus, the origin of life on Earth goes back much further in time than is commonly known. The first adventure began beyond the boundaries of this planet and runs through star kingdoms, galactic federations; extraterrestrials visited the then existing civilisations of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, Tartaria and other recently discovered civilisations.

The most important secret on this world concerns our origins, which have been hidden from us for centuries. Well-known theories about this, like neither the “theory of evolution” nor the “theory of creation” explain the true origin of the human individual.

Darwin’s fake theory of “survival of the fittest” does not explain how humans overcame the thousands of errors in human DNA structure, while it ignores the creation theory of an impressive number of ancient fossils and artefacts found all over the world. So there is clearly a need for a new reliable model about our origins.

Only recently has confusion arisen around these theories regarding the origin of modern humans, due to fossil discoveries indicating that Neanderthal, primitive humans, lived alongside Cro-Magnon humans, or modern humans, in what is now Israel. Oddly enough, these races did not interbreed with each other because Neanderthal and modern humans could not.

In terms of reproduction, they were incompatible; they were two completely different species. In fact, scientific research has shown that the remains of modern humans in prehistoric Israel are as much as 40,000 years older than the remains of Neanderthals. That alone makes the theory of ongoing evolution untenable.

This conclusion could solve the still “missing link” between primitive and modern humans, which apparently does not exist. So there have clearly been two completely different types of humans, and this requires a new model about the origin of mankind.

A growing number of archaeologists, theologians and historians dispute the ready-made answers offered by conventional science. However, these scientists do not give in easily, defending their ideas by fire and sword.

Equally intransigent and determined are those who declare that the earth is flat, continuing to defend their theories to the bitter end against their better judgement, despite growing evidence to the contrary.

Many of our planet’s mysteries are linked to artefacts many thousands of years older than reported. Such as, among others, the clay tablets found and translated, which describe the positions of the planets Venus and Saturn with their seven satellites. These could apparently be observed in ancient Babylon without telescopes?

One thing is clear; Humanity on Earth today is writing the final chapter on this with experience gained in a World of trials and penances.

Every incarnated soul on this Planet has its individual history through the millennia. There is not the slightest possibility that two stories are the same because they are not written in words, but through the feelings of each soul.

We are now writing the last lines of the last page of our own book of life. When the dot is put after the last sentence, comes the password that enables the reading of your origin story.

The frequency of your consciousness, will be the key that opens the door, giving access to this content. If that frequency is not there, your consciousness does not yet have access to your own experiences in the School of Souls.

Our returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi, below, is helping humanity on Earth to prepare further.


Beloved ones!

Only those who are unaware of the Divine Plan are afraid. In fact, unaware is not even the right word, because every incarnated soul has kept all the information about who they are in their subconscious.

The veils of oblivion are part of the Divine Plan for this School of Souls. It enables souls to experience new lessons in each incarnation, as if they had never experienced anything similar in their previous lives.

This current incarnation is the last one under the veils here on this Planet of trials and reconciliations. You feel it even if no one tells you, because your soul knows. It has had access to the entire programme for the benefit of Earth and her humanity, from the beginning to the end of the Cycle of Duality.

Even before your first incarnation here, you have read this programme and had no trouble understanding it. You knew that you would have unlimited support and that completing this long path of life would depend solely on you. Your choices would determine which obstacles you had to face in each incarnation. It even seemed easy! And it is.

The apparent problem exists only because we have a limited consciousness in the Third Dimension with the soul in physical condition.

The Divine Plan for Earth and its humanity is so vast and diverse that our consciousness, still limited by the veils, not can understand it. But it would be enough for everyone to know, that this cannot be changed by anyone who has access to our planet.

For many thousands of years, the alien entities of the Non-Light have tried to confiscate control of our planet and its humanity. Even if you don’t remember, before you accepted the Terran experience, you knew that the Fallen Angels were still active in this quadrant of the Galaxy.

The purpose of these evil entities was to rule over ascending worlds and prevent these souls from ascending. We have already mentioned that all this represented the tireless interplanetary wars, especially in this Orion Arm, to which our Solar System belongs.

Even the powers that oppose the Light, however incomprehensible to a limited human mind, are also part of the Divine Plan. I mentioned this in a post here a few years ago.  Allowing the presence of these evil races on Earth would give them a chance to redeem themselves and return to the path to the Light.

So the presence of such entities on Earth also raised the level of their experience, despite it bringing more trials and tribulations for the souls incarnated here. Nothing is in vain! The Divine Plan makes infinite perspectives possible, but it never loses control of its flock. This is the guarantee that every soul received with their Earth Project.

Someone has already said, “Oh, why weren’t we told this before?” I can answer that here: because you always knew; you just can’t remember. This is also part of the Plan. As we are in our final experience in matter, at the end of the Cycle of Atonement Days and Trials, our consciousness gradually frees itself from the veils of forgetfulness, allowing those who awaken to remember and understand the Creator’s Plan.

Clearly, those who will not ascend do not need to restore their original consciousness, because they are not ready to end their journey for that. They will continue to learn in worlds still of trials and reconciliations, just as they have been here on Earth so far. All within the perfection of the Divine Plan.

Understanding the Divine Plan frees the incarnated soul from all fears, all traumas and all difficulties. Yes, that’s right! Freed, once the conscience understands that nothing and no one can change your own plan in any reincarnation. Otherwise, life in matter would become a lottery, where everyone’s fate depends on luck.

The Divine Plan allows each soul to use its free will to choose and set up their own project for the next incarnation in any situation, at any time times during incarnation, and in any period between lives, that is, even on the Astral Plane while dis-incarnating. This is also part of the Greater Plan. So we could say that you are the Divine Plan in miniature. You are that piece of the puzzle without which the whole is incomplete.

To summarise today’s topic, you need only two things: trust and doing your own part. If you trust, almost all difficulties will cease to exist. And if you do your part, your ascension is assured. Contrary to what we have been told for centuries, nothing and no one can stop individual ascension.

Nothing and no one can change the Divine Plan. Nothing and no one can change your own individual Incarnation Plan.

Remember that the Non-Light does not create anything. It only creates obstacles so that the Light cannot reach a certain point and so a shadow appears. And a shadow is simply the absence of Light. Illuminate your surroundings! Illuminate your path! Illuminate the path of those who walk beside you! Darkness cannot do anything against Light, because in Light darkness does not exist.

All Darkness can do is make you afraid, and even then, only if you let it.

Is the fear of darkness, which is common, not an everyday occurrence for many people. But, fear of Darkness has been instilled in mankind for centuries!

The threats they still try to impose on incarnate beings are nothing more than a futile attempt to delay their final departure from Earth.

No one but you can change your Individual Soul Plan, let alone the Divine Plan for humanity on Earth.

It’s all about Trust!

When many no longer fear the dark, the Darkness will no longer exist.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


This is your Final Wakeup Call!!!

Read and Spread

The depressing conclusion is that people that constitute the nations of Western Civilisation have degenerated into such indifference and stupidity that they have no possibility of survival. They sit mindlessly in front of TV absorbing their brainwashing and indoctrination. They can’t pay their rent, mortgage or car payments, but they pay endlessly for care of immigrant-invaders who are overwhelming their communities with material needs.

They are so stupid that they even don’t know how they are fleeced by their authorities!!!

There is no National Debt without same amount in National Credit

Every time debt is created, similarly a credit is created to the same amount.

As mathematically, debt and credit should always cancel each other out. There cannot e.g. 20 Trillion dollars of “National Debt” being created, without the existence of an equal 20 Trillion of “National Credit”. See below video for further explanation

Governments have generally been very careful and diligent to never build up balanced debt, in other words in the above example of $20 trillion in National Debt, the same amount is also available, or even more, in credit. After all, this money is built up on the people’s ledger side.

It’s time to start with accurate bookkeeping, zeroing out the “National Debt” against the “National Credit”. It should be a routine process akin to balancing a check book, but instead, it has been morphed into an excuse for fraud and theft on an unimaginable scale.

It is time that we the people wake up and begin to send home the majority of members of Parliament and Congress in dishonour, holding them responsible for their gross lack of oversight, accountability, honesty, and competence.

Most politicians have no idea how government should work or act within the framework they have set up. Nor, do they have a clear understanding of how government accounting should work, apart from knowing how to “misappropriate” money for any unauthorised or questionable purpose. They have no clue where the so-called money comes from, how it is created or whatever else is involved.

Think about;

Parliament or Congress, has the special task of holding the purse strings, which they have decidedly failed to do.

Remember: the Deep State’s main weapon against us is money and blackmail, which makes it vital to put an end to all central banks owned by the Rothschilds.