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Gnostic Wisdom – The Myth Of Sophia, Satan & The Archon Kingdom

JOHN LAMB LASH ~ “Gnostic Wisdom - The Myth Of Sophia, Satan & The Archon Kingdom”

19 September 2021

The GREAT and fascinating Mr. JOHN LAMB LASH, author of “Not In His Image” is the star-guest today, when he joins AGE OF TRUTH TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander for a MEMORABLE, EYE-OPENING and extraordinary interview and discussion

JOHN LAMB LASH: Author, Lecturer, Gnostic, Telestic Shaman, Truth Speaker and Esoteric Researcher. The founder of the Mystery School: Nemeta.

He has doubled-down on the material of his best-seller “Not In His Image” and published a new mind-blowing version of the book, relevant for the world today, in September 2021.



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Monday, May 17, 2021

The Truth About COVID

Opposing Views: COVID | Dr. Mercola and Dr. Kamil

Mikhaila Peterson hosts Opposing Views: COVID. This week’s guests, Dr. Joseph Mercola (@Mercola) and Dr. Jeremy Kamil, cover a variety of topics in the health world and more specifically on COVID-19. Dr Mercola discusses the origin of the COVID-19 virus, lockdown procedures, the great reset, and the vaccine - a view very different from the narrative many of us have encountered. Dr. Jeremy Kamil uses his experience in the world of researching viruses and personal experience working with COVID-19 during this pandemic to formulate conflicting views with Dr. Mercola. 
Dr. Joseph Mercola is an American alternative medicine proponent and osteopathic physician. He has published a number of books as well including Fat for Fuel and his newest best-selling book: The Truth About COVID-19 - available here: 
Dr. Jeremy Kamil is a researcher who has studied primarily herpes viruses for the last twenty years and currently works for LSU Health. His research team was tasked to work on the COVID-19 virus by the US government early into the pandemic response in 2020. 
Find more Dr. Mercola on his website, find his books on Amazon, and on Twitter @mercola 
Find more Dr. Jeremy Kamil on Twitter @macroliter, and the LSU Health Shreveport website 

I encourage you to watch the video in full and make up your own mind about what you hear, but as I didn’t get a chance to respond to Kamil’s statements directly, I’d like to do that now, as well as provide a recap of some of the most important take-away points from the interview.

A Trial Run for COVID-19, a Lab-Engineered Virus

When talking about COVID-19, it’s important to start at the beginning — not the start of the pandemic but Event 201, which took place in October 2019.

Representatives from the World Economic Forum, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Johns Hopkins University Population Center, the World Bank, the Chinese government and vaccine maker Johnson & Johnson were among those at the event, which was organized by Bill Gates and, too coincidentally, simulated a worldwide pandemic triggered by a novel coronavirus.1,2

Mirroring what is now occurring, social media censorship was a prominent strategy used at the event to protect the dissemination of vaccine propaganda and the narrative surrounding the global event. If you are considering brushing this off as “conspiracy theory,” you can read about Event 201 for yourself at its official site.3 

Peterson and I discussed a bit about Gates, and you may be wondering why I’m bringing him up. It’s part of understanding the immense power and control being wielded by private individuals and the ultimate goal of technocratic tyranny. When the U.S. withdrew funding from the World Health Organization in 2020, Gates became the biggest funder of the WHO.

The two — Gates and the WHO — have been instrumental in pushing for a global vaccination campaign, and Gates has a great deal of money invested in these vaccines. The WHO is the tool that was used to implement a global shutdown — a catastrophe — in 2020, with the end goal being wealth transfer, economic destruction and societal reformation.

It is also interesting that Gates and company have restricted access to this highly profitable vaccine only to countries that can afford it. The patents have not been shared with other countries so they could get this “lifesaving” vaccine, which clearly emphasizes that the primary purpose of this vaccine is not to save lives but to make large profits.

Gates isn’t the only player — there are many others, including Google and founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Klaus Schwab, who first started circulating the idea of The Great Reset. Kamil said he wasn’t familiar with the term, which is something I’d urge him to read up on as he formulates his opinions.

I also touched briefly on the overwhelming evidence suggesting that SARS-CoV-2 is an engineered virus that leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), which was conducting gain-of-function research on coronaviruses, funded by Dr. Anthony Fauci.4 It’s a lot to take in, I know, especially if this is the first you’re hearing about it, but as the pieces of the puzzle come together, it becomes obvious what is really going on.

No Flu Cases Because ‘Masks Are Really Effective’?

When asked about the mysterious disappearance of flu during the 2020-2021 season, Kamil stated it’s because “masks are really effective [at] suppressing viral transmission.” If that’s the case, then why didn’t COVID-19 cases similarly disappear? The next rational question is, were flu cases and deaths simply reallocated as COVID-19 deaths?

Up until around July 2020, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) counted flu and pneumonia deaths separately, but then began reporting a combination of pneumonia, flu and COVID deaths, under a new category listed as "PIC" (Pneumonia, Influenza, COVID), via their COVIDView webpage.5

February 12, 2021 — toward the end of peak flu season in the U.S. — COVIDView was replaced with the COVID Data Tracker Weekly Review, which no longer appears to mention flu and pneumonia.6

As for the effectiveness of masks — and the absurdities surrounding their use during activities like swimming — there’s a wealth of evidence that masks are ineffective. Only one randomized controlled trial has been conducted on mask usage and COVID-19 transmission, and it found masks did not statistically significantly reduce the incidence of infection.7

A working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research8 found that nonpharmaceutical interventions, such as lockdowns, quarantines and mask mandates, have not significantly affected overall virus transmission rates.9

Proper Response ‘Must Be Driven by Case Numbers’

When asked what the “proper” response to the pandemic would be, Kamil said, “It has to be driven by case numbers.” This sounds good in theory, provided the case numbers you’re basing recommendations on are accurate — and the resulting recommendations are in line with the severity of the disease and individual risk assessments. But, in the case of COVID-19, they most often were not.

What evidence is there that the case numbers were manipulated? PCR tests recommended by the WHO used to be set to 45 cycle thresholds (CTs),10 yet the scientific consensus has long been that anything over 35 CTs renders the test useless,11 as the accuracy will be a measly 3%, with the other 97% being false positives and artificially driving up case numbers.

Then, one hour after Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th president of the United States, January 20, 2021, the WHO — suddenly and out of the blue — lowered the recommended PCR CT,12 which automatically guaranteed that the number of “cases,” i.e., positive PCR test results, would plummet.

And this isn’t even getting into how the CDC changed how COVID-19 is recorded on death certificates in March 2020, de-emphasizing preexisting conditions and comorbidities, and basically calling all deaths in which the patient had a positive SARS-CoV-2 test a COVID-19 death.

‘Look to People Who Aren’t Making a Buck Off It’

Another one of Kamil’s points was to avoid getting data from “someone trying to sell you something.” I would agree, only Kamil used the example of someone “selling a health supplement online,” ignoring the fact that the real profiteers in this pandemic are not people selling supplements online but billionaires who are only getting richer.

Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, now has a net worth of $5.3 billion,13 to give one example. He joined the billionaires club April 2, 2020, when news that phase 2 trials of Moderna’s COVID vaccine were set to begin, driving up its stock.14

Meanwhile, Pfizer’s COVID vaccine has already generated $3.5 billion in revenue in the first three months of 2021,15 and the company said it expects “durable demand” for the vaccine to continue in coming years, similar to flu vaccines. Estimates suggest revenue will reach $26 billion for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine by the end of 2021.16

So, following Kamil’s own advice, Pfizer and Moderna would be among those to not trust, based on their making billions, which is exponentially more than any supplement manufacturer is making. But even putting profits aside, as I told Peterson, one point that should give anyone pause before trusting a company would be if it has a criminal history of fraud and selling dangerous products — of which both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson can attest to.

Myth: It’s ‘Impossible to Die From COVID’ After Vaccination

Kamil made some statements that I strongly disagree with, one of them being that if you get a COVID-19 vaccine “it’s almost 100% impossible for you to die from COVID — even if you caught like the scariest variants we know of.” This is simply not true. As of April 26, 2021, there have been 9,245 reported cases of COVID-19 in fully vaccinated individuals, including 132 deaths.17 This is from the CDC’s own data.

There’s also a risk of death from the COVID-19 vaccine. According to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), as of April 23, 2021, there have been 3,544 deaths reported following COVID-19 vaccination.18 Past investigations have shown only between 1%19 and 10%20 of adverse reactions are ever reported to VAERS, which is a passive, voluntary reporting system, so the actual number could be much higher.

Kamil also suggested that if you’re healthy, it makes no difference in terms of getting sick from COVID-19 because “viruses like healthy cells” and “they love a healthy [cell] just like a person might, if you're a carnivore, might like a juicy steak.”

This seriously undermines the power that you have to take control of your health, because, in reality, it’s well known that people who are unhealthy, with underlying conditions, are far more likely to contract and die from COVID-19. Your state of health absolutely matters.

Kamil also seems to be seriously misguided about health organizations like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, stating that it doesn’t “make a dollar more” by approving a vaccine and describing it as “one of the best organizations, like, as far as protecting your health and watching out for, like, Americans.”

While the FDA itself does not accept corporate money, it does receive money funneled via a nonprofit foundation, which in turn receives money from other nonprofits funded by private interests. It’s really all a façade because the end result is the same. Those donating the money ultimately end up with the ability to pull strings, when needed. The FDA’s conflicts of interest and failures to act on behalf of Americans’ best interests are also well noted.

Fear Is the Most Powerful Emotion to Drive Human Behavior

The pandemic has succeeded in generating fear and controlling human behavior, and anything that counters its final solution of vaccination is being censored — this is a clue that shouldn’t be overlooked. Vaccine passports are also being offered as part of this solution, as a tool to get your freedom back, but it’s at the price of — your freedom.

Imagine a world in which you cannot travel, go to a sports event, enter your workplace or even a grocery store unless you have the proper credentials. If it sounds like history repeating itself in the most horrific way, you’re not far off. Even open debate is being silenced, and it’s impossible to give informed consent to vaccination if you only know one side. When you only have one side to the story, then that’s propaganda, not real information.

What Should You Do to Stay Healthy Against COVID?

Peterson asked me one very important question, which was what should people be doing to stay healthy. One key strategy is to be metabolically flexible, and my No. 1 recommendation to do so is to remove linoleic acid from your diet.

Omega-6 linoleic acid (LA) is a pernicious metabolic poison that is highly susceptible to oxidation, and as the fat oxidizes, it breaks down into harmful subcomponents such as advanced lipid oxidation end products (ALES) and oxidized LA metabolites (OXLAMS). These ALES and OXLAMS also cause damage. To avoid LA, which is linked to chronic degenerative disease, you need to avoid all vegetable oils and eliminate virtually all processed foods and restaurant foods from your diet.

Other strategies to build immunity include optimizing vitamin D. My peer reviewed study, published in the journal Nutrients in October 2020,21 demonstrates the clear link between vitamin D deficiency and severe cases of COVID-19.

I also recommend familiarizing yourself with nebulized hydrogen peroxide, which can be used not only to improve symptoms but as a routine maintenance strategy to support optimal health. You can hear the rest of the interview in its entirety, including the unique risks posed by mRNA vaccines, by watching the video above.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021


The Likable Sociopath Trope, Explained

Sociopaths break the rules, and they don’t feel guilty about it. They also lack empathy, and feel no remorse for the harm they cause. They’re difficult and even dangerous people to know—and yet, sometimes, they’re incredibly fun to watch. 

In the real world, most of these sociopaths would probably make us run for our lives—so why do we so often end up empathizing with them, and even rooting for them on screen? 

Here’s our Take on the various guises of the likable sociopath, from charismatic killers to dangerous femme fatales to evil geniuses, and why we often end up feeling for characters who would feel nothing for us.  

The Take

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Hollywood Insider Reveals…

BREAKING Their FRANTIC Celebrity CODE! Were They All ON HOUSE ARREST? GRETA Shapeshifting Vid!

April 1, 2021

People do not know what is really going on beyond what they see. We know better because we are not intellectually lazy!

I invited another friend to talk about Hollywood. She is an attorney who spent most of her life with special victims and she worked in Hollywood as well. Let’s say, she is an insider to Hollywood. My good friend Dilara Esingil.

Dilara is very passionate about telling the truth. All we are asking for, in this episode, is to keep an open mind.

Shut down your egos - and be open to knowledge.

She perfectly said it. People out there have never been made aware about the stuff we will talk about. It is because when something is so abstract and doesn't fit into your paradigm in reality, it takes a certain person to get you to open your mind and to set your ego aside. Your ego is not your friend when it comes to learning knowledge!

In this episode, we ask you to not block yourself from information because that's what's going to save you is your open mindedness.


You should dig in NOW.

Click here for today’s dose of snarky news commentary! >>

Friday, March 26, 2021

Displacement Of The Prehistoric Tribe Chenchus From Nallamala

In an industrialized India, the destruction of the aboriginal life is as inevitable as the submergence of Egyptian temples caused by the dams of the Nile.

As things are going there can be no grandeur in the primitive's end. It will not be even simple extinction which is not the worst of human destinies. It is to be feared that the aboriginal's last act will be squalid, instead of tragic. What will be seen with most regret will be, not his disappearance, but his enslavement and degradation. (Nirad C.Choudhury)
(Click The Image To Enlarge)

March 24, 2021 NAGARKURNOOL

Is the stage set to displace children of the forest Chenchus from Nallamala forest to the plains? Is this conspiracy going on without the notice quietly? Is a new 'package' promised with the hope of collecting consent from people?

The answer is 'yes'.

The forest department officials have recently been able to collect consent documents to move the Chenchus from the Amrabad Tiger Reserve Sanctuary in Nagarkurnool district. The public bodies have been strongly opposed to the efforts of the central and state governments for two decades to move the Chenchus living in the Nallamala forest area. However, the issue has come up again with a fresh collection of consent documents.

Nallamala forest area is spread over 2.75 lakh hectares in Nagarkurnool, Nalgonda, Guntur, Prakasam and Kurnool districts in both Telugu states. About ten thousand families live in 1077 chenchu pentas making forest products a livelihood. In 1999, when the Naxal movement was intense, some Chenchu families in Nallamala were moved to the plains. A special rehabilitation centre was established at Amargiri.

However, displacement of Chenchus became very controversial when two deaths were reported as the Chenchus were not able to adjust with the new environment. Later, in the name of the uranium excavations in Nallamala and on the pretext of sanctuary rules, Chenchus were asked to move to the plains. Each family was promised a cash package of Rs.10 lakhs and a house in Tukkuguda, Ranga Reddy district, but the children of the forest did not agree. That is why a new package proposal was brought to the fore with the cash of Rs.15 lakhs and a house or three acres of agricultural land for each Chenchu family. 175 Chenchu families are living in Vatavarlapalli, Charlapalli, Pulichintalabayalu, Kummanpenta, Kollampenta, Mallapur, Appapur, Bairapur, Rampur, Thangidigundala, Medimalakala and Eeralpenta in Nallamala and 80 per cent of the families are forced to sign on the consent papers. Meanwhile, SC and BC families in Vatavarlapalli, Sarlapalli and Pulichintala Bayalu are forced to leave their homes and cattle without any package.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Grandpa Called Star People Our Ancestors, “They Meant Us No Harm”

Richard Wagamese, a Native American storytellers from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in Northwestern Ontario, writes, “My people tell of Star People who came to us many generations ago. The Star People brought spiritual teachings and stories and maps of the cosmos and they offered these freely. They were kind, loving and set a great example. When they left us, my people say there was a loneliness like no other.” 

Stephane Wuttunee, a Plains Cree and French Canadian author and storyteller, notes that when it comes to understanding the extraterrestrial phenomena, Native American culture gives far greater attention to the seeking of the spiritual understanding of things. Growing up, Wuttunee learned about the Star People around campfires and during traditional ceremonies. They were never a people to be afraid of.

• Dr. Ardy Clarke, a Cherokee/Choctaw and Professor Emeritus at Montana State University, also grew up being told about the Star People from her family and elders. She has written multiple books entitled: Encounters With Star People, Untold Stories of American Indians documenting stories of encounters between extraterrestrials and Native American Indians.

• Clarke tells of a man named Darren who tells the story of his grandfather who, in the 1940s, witnessed a spacecraft landing in New Mexico around the same time as the Roswell crashes. His grandfather and some of his friends came across an alien wandering the desert. They hid the alien from government soldiers. The alien died and they buried him.

• Darren says that when he was young, he saw an alien come to his grandfather’s hogan, or house. Darren didn’t recognize the being as an extraterrestrial, but told his grandfather that there was a stranger outside. The stranger was tall with dark skin and dark eyes. His clothes were brown and form fitting. He had on a strange pair of boots with pointed toes. He wore gloves and a tight elastic hood over his head. The stranger told his grandfather that he was part of a ‘small exploring party’, and had gotten lost when his geo-positioning equipment had quit working. So Darren and his grandfather took the stranger into the canyon and back to his craft on the other side of the ridge.

• After that encounter, whenever Darren’s grandfather told stories he would begin with ‘it happened before the Star Man’ or ‘after the Star Man.’ My grandfather said that when he was a boy there were many stories about Star People, but this encounter had been only the second time he had ever seen one. He mostly talked about how they were ‘our ancestors’ who had visited Earth from the beginning of time. They were friendly and meant us no harm. “They come to remind us to keep everything in harmony”, his grandfather told him. The Star people also brought animals and plants to earth, and would come back and check on them.

• Darren described the space craft as dull silver in color, with no windows and a door that melded with the craft when closed. Darren was warned not to touch the craft. When Darren and his grandfather got to the craft other extraterrestrial men came out to greet them as friends. The Star Men bowed to his grandfather, and they stood there and talked. When the beings boarded their craft, Darren and his grandfather stood at a distance while the craft moved upward. Amazingly, it didn’t even stir the dust on the ground below.

• Darren said that the Star Man appeared two more times when he was much older. The second time, his grandfather gave the Star Man a gift of a pouch with turquoise stones which pleased the being. The final time he came, his grandfather was in his 80s and sick in bed. Late at night, the Star Man appeared suddenly without warning. He walked over to my grandfather’s bed and knelt over him. After a moment or two, he walked out. His grandfather told him that the Star Man came to say they were waiting for him. Three days later, Darren’s grandfather died at the town clinic.

• Just hours before he passed, his grandfather told Darren that the Star Men would be coming for him. After his grandfather’s passing, Darren would often work in the workshop behind his grandfather’s hogan. Recently, Darren arrived at the hogan to find the pouch with the turquois rocks sitting in the doorway. “I think it was my grandfather’s way of letting me know that everything was okay with him,” says Darren. “I have no other explanation.”

Richard Wagamese, who was one of Canada’ foremost authors and storytellers from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in Northwestern Ontario, once wrote, “My people tell of Star People who came to us many generations ago. The Star People brought spiritual teachings and stories and maps of the cosmos and they offered these freely. They were kind, loving and set a great example. When they left us, my people say there was a loneliness like no other.”

Another example from Canada comes from Stephane Wuttunee, who is a Plains Cree and French Canadian author and storyteller. He has explained that his perception and understanding of the ET phenomena as a Native person and its global implications comes from having been partially raised within the culture itself. He has made it a clear point to mention that they “give far greater attention to the seeking of the spiritual understanding of things.” He heard about “distant relations and Star People living amongst the stars many times, mainly around campfires and during traditional ceremonies. Far from being anything to be feared, Star People was just another term I grew up around.”

Stories of the Star People are well documented in Native Canadian and Native American lore, and in this article I will share a story, as I’ve done so many times before, from the work of Dr. Ardy Clarke, a Professor Emeritus at Montana State University who is Cherokee/Choctaw. She has been researching the Star People and collecting encounters between them and Native Indians for many years. She also grew up being told about the Star People from her family and elders.

She’s written multiple books documenting her research. This particular one is taken from her book, “Encounters With Star People, Untold Stories of American Indians.”

The Story: In this particular story, Clarke spoke to a man connected through a mutual friend, on the Navajo Indian Reservation, named Darren. Clarke spoke to his aunt, who was the one who told her of his extraterrestrial experience.

I am not the first in my family to see the Sky Gods. My grandfather told me that one time a spacecraft landed over in New Mexico and some Indians hid an alien.”
Said Darren.

He said it happened “Back in the 40s. It was about the same time as Roswell.”

My grandfather said that he and some of his friends came upon the alien wandering in the desert. They realized he was one of the Sky Gods and they hid him from the government soldiers. He died though and they buried him.


Saturday, February 13, 2021

'The New Normal' Documentary

Amazing but frightening documentary that investigates The Fourth Industrial Revolution, what the 1% has to gain and the rest of us are about to lose.

The filmmakers have a website They hosted the documentary on Vimeo (another censoring platform) but it has been taken down.

Download 'The New Normal' documentary:

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Self-Inflicted Shamanism – Choosing the Path Least Traveled

“Paying all due respect to the world’s shamanic traditions, we shall not refer to them any longer but instead explore our own position in relation to the time and place we live in as modern shamans.” ~Antero Alli

Traditionally, shamanism is not a choice. You don’t choose the shamanic path; the shamanic path chooses you. This is because existential thresholds must be passed. A Dark Night of the Soul (or two, or three, or four…) must be overcome. An initiation from an ego-centric to a soul-centric perspective must be achieved. Besides these grueling steps, much pain must be self-actualized and transformed into healing energy (medicine).

But, there is a way to choose the shamanic path despite oneself: self-inflicted shamanism. I say “despite oneself” because one must either be crazy, masochistic, extremely introverted, or all three, to want to choose such an arduously Promethean undertaking. As Nietzsche infamously stated, “He who delights in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.” The self-inflicted shaman goes one step further, responding with this: “Nay. He is both, a beast and a god.”

It is important to understand that shamanism is a sacrifice of independence into the fierce jaws of interdependence. It’s a surrender to the cosmic overwhelm, a giving into solitude and meditation wherein one is annihilated and then put back together again (by Universal Law itself) into a healthy and healing force of nature.

If, as Joe Lewels proposed, “we need shamans, and if society doesn’t provide them, the universe will,” then the self-inflicted shaman takes on both the role of the universe and society, emphatically becoming a force of nature, in order to provide the art of shamanism to an otherwise shamanless world.

As Terence McKenna said:

“It is of the first order of importance to remember this, that the shaman is more than merely a sick man, or a madman; he is a sick man who has healed himself, who is cured, and who must shamanize in order to remain cured.”

As such, a person inflicting themselves with shamanism does so in order to remain cured. They purposely enter into sacred wounds in order to remain healed. They deliberately seek out insane realms in order to remain sane. They knowingly shamanize in order to self-actualize.

A self-inflicted shaman inflicts shamanism upon himself. He dives into the abyss. He jumps into the fire. His leap of courage tantamount to foolishness. Only in hindsight can he see how there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity. If he should survive being annihilated, if he should survive becoming ashes, he will have gained a dangerous prestige, a humor of the most-high, and the famed Philosopher’s Stone, which is a metaphorical artifact of existential alchemy without equal.

A self-inflicted shaman lies prostrate at the feet of the universe, a deep wound, a broken heart, a pulsing vulnerability. She sits at the feet of the cosmos in full disclosure. Everything becomes her teacher. Her secret is in dangerously stretching comfort zones and risking the slings and arrows of vicissitude in order to self-overcome for the benefit of the human tribe.

Self-inflicted shamanism is not for the faint of heart. It’s a complete surrender to universal interconnectedness, where the independent ego becomes an interdependent tool for soul-craft. It’s the absolute willingness to become an instrument of Infinity. It’s the renunciation of innocence and the sacrifice of blissful ignorance to painful knowledge. It’s the utter release of the conditional for the unconditional, of attachment for nonattachment. Black and white blurs into middle gray. The sacred and the profane are smeared out into Rumi’s field, beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing, beyond good and evil.

What remains is a vehicle for transporting transformation, a vessel for the dissemination of mercurial change. The self-inflicted shaman is a dynamism of self-overcoming, overcoming the outdated self in order to discover the updated self, overcoming the ordinary world in order to discover extraordinary worlds. The orthodox is trumped by the unorthodox.

The self-inflicted shaman inflicts herself with astonishment. She is stricken by wonder, afflicted by impermanence, and wracked by the death-rattle of a life well-lived. She is terribly overthrown and deliciously overwhelmed. As Diane Ackerman said, “Knee-deep in the cosmic overwhelm, I’m stricken by the ricochet wonder of it all: the plain everythingness of everything, in cahoots with the everythingness of everything else.”

After the cosmic overwhelm, after the surrender to otherworldliness, after the delivery of transformation, the self-inflicted shaman emerges with a mystery-of-the-most-high, a magic elixir, a mythical experience. And now the single task of shamanism in general, and the raison d’etre of becoming a self-inflicted shaman, is the delivery of this sacred knowledge into the hearts and hearths of the human tribe.

In the end, it is what we do with our powers that makes or breaks our self-inflicted shamanism. Do our powers coincide with the universal order of things? Are they moderate, holistic, and nonviolent? Are they flexible, healthy, and robust? For as Antero Alli surmised, “The real test to our shamanic tendencies is not in our ability to enter into the mythical but in how we return to our humanity and what we do with our powers.”

Read more articles by Gary ‘Z’ McGee.

About the Author

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world.

This article (Self-Inflicted Shamanism – Choosing the Path Least Traveled) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is printed here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Gary ‘Z’ McGee and