Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ancient Civilization Discovered in Amazon

'A fascinating find has come from the tragic loss of Brazilian rainforest, making some lemonade out of that lemon. Of course, what this discovery of a long lost Amazonian civilization means is that there have been other times when the forest was likewise not there, giving us hope that currently devastated areas can be regrown as well.
What this find also means is that those intrepid explorers of earlier times, such as Colonel P.H. Fawcett and many others, were correct in believing the natives, whose stories beginning centuries ago described not just one but many civilizations or cities lost in the massive rainforest as well as elsewhere in remote, overgrown parts of South America.'


Anonymous said...

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Colonel Percy Fawcett said...

We all love a good mystery and a tale of adventure, the Indians Jones films poularity is proof of that. Unfortanatly very few of us ever experience an adventure of our own.
This story certainly gets the imagination going as to what could have happened to the 1925 fawcett expedition.
How did they die?
Did they ever find the Lost City of Z.
There is much we will never know about the expedition.
I do not suppose we will ever find out now, which is a shame, but at least as long as it remains unknown the mystery will continue.
And let's hope Hollowood does the story justice.
I have read the excellent Fawcett Expedition, edited by Brian Fawcett.
It is essential reading to anyone interested in this story.
I have read David Grann's Lost City of Z and found it a good read, although a bit too much Grann at times.
I am waiting in anticipation for Amazon Adventure by Ben Hammott to be completed, it will be out later in 2010. I have read the two advance chapters on the book's website and thoroughly enjoyed them. At last a book that takes the reader to the Lost City. Here is the link for those who want to find out more:
where you will also find large Fawcett expedition maps and an English translation of manuscript 512, the document that helped Percy Fawcett believe a Lost City existed in the Amazon jungle.