Friday, May 8, 2009

Alien Anthropology

CN Conjecture News. The Stone Age Laboratory and The Molecular Anthropology Laboratory, Harvard University. The idea of the human race being a hybrid of primitive man and an extraterrestrial race has been a point of conjecture every since the term "flying saucer" was coined in the late 1940s. Those individuals who feel they have been abducted by an extraterrestrial race report that hybrid experiments have been going on for thousands of years. The scientific world has laughed at such notions until a group of scientists from Harvard published their findings in the journal Nature.

"But from the very beginning there has been some very mysterious findings."

CN interviewed Dr. Martha Rabinowitz, head of the Molecular Anthropology Lab at Harvard, to help us understand the findings and what this monumental discovery implies. Although the interview has not as yet been approved for publication, we are able to reprint some of Dr. Rabinowitz's remarks. When the Doctor was asked what led to the discovery she replied "DNA. Yep, DNA. Human Genome Project. Yep. Sumer. Government cover-ups. Dwarf race in the mountains of China. Montauk. Crazy Gray creatures scaring the hell out of people in their sleep telling us we have to clean up the environment. Like they're telling us something we don't already know. Like it's some kind of goddamn secret. Shit."

Dr. Rabinowitz, speaking on the behalf of her colleagues, stated the discovery began while she was speaking at a conference in Beijing when approached by a group of anthropologists who called themselves "The Clan". The group was composed of some very well respected individuals who wanted Dr. Rabinowitz's expertise and to accompany them on a mountain trek to study an isolated group of 120 dwarfs in the Bayan- Kara-Ula mountains in the Sichuan province in central China. The group informed the Doctor of what has become known as the "Chinese Roswell", complete with alien (gray) appearing skeletal remains and some interesting items called the "Stone Disks" that contained ancient, bizarre hieroglyphics. The Doctor along with The Clan visited the area, bringing back small articles from the dwarf tribe; including some hair samples for DNA testing.

" As you know," Dr. Rabin explained, "we have mapped the genes in human DNA and we are now trying to understand the map. But from the very beginning there has been some very mysterious findings. When we took a look at the DNA structure of the dwarf hairs we brought back from China, that's when we started shaking with fear. The mysterious looking maps that separate us from the lower primates has been a puzzle from the first, but the dwarf DNA contained a far greater amount of the map. The fact of the matter is the DNA that separates monkeys from man is found to be much greater in the Chinese dwarfs. In other words, the "missing link" gene is far more pronounced in the dwarfs. Why in the hell should that be? On this planet, a human is a human. Are we to classify these dwarfs as more than human?"

The Chinese dwarf tribe believes that people from the sky called the "Dropa" crashed in their mountain area long ago. Most of the Dropa died from the crash, but a few of them lived and stayed in the mountain community. The dwarf's folklore describes the Dropa as being small, skinny, with big clumsy heads and weak extremities.

CN asked Dr. Rabinowitz if this is absolute proof of human/alien hybrids. "Nope" said the Doctor. "If anything, it may mean we are alien/primate hybrids or perhaps something like alien/Neanderthal hybrids. It really doesn't matter. We have simply made another discovery within the mystery that just leads to another mystery. And that, my friend, is science at its best."

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