Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sacrificial Cannibalism in Central America

CN. SAN MARCOS, Guatemala. Nested in the mountains, 100 miles west of Guatemala city, is the town of San Marcos. All seems quiet and serene in this picturesque part of the world. The new world meets the old as new automobiles drive a slow pace to allow families with their pack-donkeys to make their weekly visit to the markets.

But the serenity was shattered for three visiting anthropologists from the University of Chicago, who witnessed and documented what they felt had disappeared from the Mesoamerican culture: human sacrifice.

Hear Dr.Lebrevski describe his eating of human flesh in RealAudio Click Here

University of Chicago anthropologist's, Dr. Marvin S. Lebrevski and graduate students Sheila Rodriguez and Kevin Daily, found themselves taken back to pre-Christian times where human sacrifice was a necessary part of religious life. It was the just the beginning of their month long nightmare.

One week after the trio of anthropologists had arrived in San Marcos, to study a small group of purported primitive Aztec/Maya descendants who called themselves Coaltls (pron: CO-tells), Kevin Daily succumbed to a rare form of malaria and died within a few days. The Coaltls maintained that the rare form of malaria would quickly spread and that the body must be buried immediately (first picture above was the casket used for Kevin Daily's body).

Dr. Lebrevski explained, "The day after Kevin was put into the casket, the Coaltls held a feast. Sheila and I, of course, took part in the feast. When I think about it, I feel sick."

Dr. Lebrevski and Sheila Rodriguez feared for their lives. But the Coaltls were, except for eating their colleague, friendly and talkative. The Coaltls feel that technology is killing their way of life and is caused by demon infestation in the cities. And the only way to appease the demonic is to sacrifice to the gods to intervene. The Coaltls have used human sacrifice for thousands of years.

When the Coaltls' high priest was asked if he thought ritual sacrifice was wrong, the priest replied "We have never been able to figure out just what the gods and the demons really want of us. We understand that in the western world you have God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Lucifer and Satan. When you people figure out what is going on with your gods and demons, could you please tell us? And would you PLEASE stop asking us for money on those Christian TV shows. We have no money."

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Kristen said...

Wow! That is so disturbing. I had no idea that human sacrifice was still going on today. I knew it was part of ancient Native American cultures though. I just read a really good book called Cannibalism, Headhunting and Human Sacrifice in North America
by George Feldman. At last, a book that tells the stories of cruelty and bestiality left out of the sanitized history books we all read in school.